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Torulota Crafts

Torulota Crafts is located in Agailjara, Barisal. In 2001, MCC Job Creation program in Agailjhara started working on pathi grass products with mixture of hemp twine produced by Bagdha Enterprise.


They produced some samples of carpets, pencil holders, table mats and jewellery boxes and sent them to export buyers to test the market. Having found the products attractive to the buyers in North America, MCC formed a group of producers and worked in partnership with a local NGO called Charity Foundation during the period 2002 and 2006. In mid 2006 MCC handed over the project to Charity Foundation fully.

After taking over, Charity Foundation was able to run the project for 4 years with some financial assistance from MCC. Unfortunately management of Charity Foundation failed to continue the project’s operations when such financial assistance was discontinued from MCC. 

Prokritee helped by renting the facilities and using it as a guesthouse and invited some skilled producers to make crafts using pathi grass and some other materials and named the group as “Torulota Crafts” and treated it as one of its production units. Now it is recovered again.


Torulota employs 15 producers including 17 seasonal producers.

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