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Jobarpar Enterprise

Jobarpar Enterprise was set up in 1984 in the village of Jobarpar in Barisal district. Jobarpar producers initially tried to produce rope and twine following the same model as Bagdha, but did not have the same success.


Later, they tried on desiccated coconut powders and coir products following other producer groups of MCC. After several years of experimenting with new technologies and materials, Jobarpar became a project for handmade paper making from water hyacinth. 

Water hyacinth, a common weed found in many rivers and canals in Bangladesh. 

Jobarpar Enterprise is a very well known unit of Prokritee for producing a wide variety and range of beautiful Christmas products. Th producers are highly skilled in maintaining their excellent quality of Christmas decoration and gift items, baskets, jewellery, wrapping paper, greeting cards and paper flowers and angels.


Jobarpar employs 43 regular producers and 35 seasonal producers.

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