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Sacred Mark Enterprise

Sacred Mark Enterprises is one of the incubated business enterprise established by Mennonite Central Committee Bangladesh. This enterprise was set up to provide alternative employment to the former sex workers.

The stories of these women involve abuse, victimization, trauma, and pain. A widow, an orphan, a rape victim, a mother with no food for her children – all these vulnerabilities had forced them into a life of sex-worker which we was beyond our imagination. Sacred Mark Enterprise has two major product lines: Handmade Natural Soap and Recycle Sari products.

Sacred Mark makes handmade luxurious soaps out of 100% natural ingredients and colorants. The primary oils used are coconut and palm oil. Most of Sacred Mark’s soaps are mildly scented with essential oils but we also offer an unscented variety. The producers also make products with recycled sari’s.

Sacred Mark started in 2009 with 9 producers and one administrative staff in a small rented house. Now it works in a bigger place and plans to purchase land to build its own office to increase their number of producers and products for export and local buyers. From January 2015 SME has been taken over by Prokritee as one of its production units.


SME employs 28 regular producers and 31 seasonal producers. 

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