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Greeting cards

We use many different techniques for the greeting cards, each with their own beautiful result. 

Cutting and folding paper reveals colours on the backside of the paper. Fine, natural strips of wheat straw make a simple piece of jute paper light up with shining stars. Batik or block prints shows traditional motifs and techniques used in this subcontinent. 

The designers at every unit make new designs every season; we can also modify the design, print, colours and sizes to your wishes. 

All colouring is done with AZO free dye. 

Journals and notebooks

We support three groups who make hand made paper, named Bonoful, Shuktara and Biborton. The producers use many types of natural and local materials to produce handmade paper. Hemp, wheat-straw, pineapple leaves, coconut fibres, recycled paper and cotton waste from the garment industry are some of the materials used to make unique and creative paper. The women that produce the paper also make photo albums, greeting cards, gift bags, journals and boxes.

Wrapping paper

After the handmade wrapping paper is dry, the producers decorate the paper in a variety of techniques. Marbeling is the process of floating paint in a basin of water and placing the paper on it, producing swirling designs. Block printing and batik dyeing also decorate our handmade wrapping paper. 

Gift bags

Besides wrapping paper, we also offer gift bags of different materials. Our artisans can create small baskets, paper bags or drawstring bags made of jute. 

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