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Bags and purses

Since October 2014 we have started supporting indigenous groups in the Chittagong Hilltracts, a Southeastern part of Bangladesh. There are many communites, and each has an unique traditional pattern. Unfortunately, their lifestyle and crafts are being threatened by social and economic changes. By supporting these groups we hope to raise awareness of their situation. 

We buy the weavings, and our production unit Shuktara uses the fabric to make bags and purses, combined with leather. 


These friendship bracelets are 100% handmade by the artisans of Baghda Enterprise. They buy the raw material (jute or hemp), wash it, comb it several times and then spin it into fine twine. With different types of macramé knots and beads, the artisans create colourful and special designs. 

In Torulota, another workshop of Prokritee, artisans have learned how to use copper to make earrings. With natural and coloured kaisa grass they make different designs and sizes for the earrings.

Natural soap

Sacred Mark Enterprises was established to provide alternative employment for former sex workers. The stories of these women involve abuse, victimization, trauma and pain. These vulnerabilities had forced them into a life we shudder to imagine. 

Sacred Mark makes handmade luxurious soaps out of 100% natural ingredients and colourants. The primary oils used are coconut and palm oil. Most of Sacred Mark’s soaps are mildly scented with essential oils, but we also offer an unscented variety. 

Batik fabric

The artisans at Bonoful in Mymensing have recently been trained in the art of making batik dyed fabric. There is a technician to weld the metal stamps in any design and a workshop to print and dye the fabric, which can be in bright colours or the natural tones of vegetable dye.



We continue to support the indigenous group of people who live in the hills of Chittagong. With this support we hope to raise awareness of their situation, as they are economically underdeveloped.

We also want to show our appreciation for their beautiful, intricate designs made with back strap looms.

These shawls display tose intricate traditional patterns. The woolen offer warmth and beautiful patterns, while the cotton option allows sjawls to be woven with even more intricate detail. 

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