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Chairs and stools

We are proud to present some furniture for your house and garden. For the stools and chairs, we combine several materials such as recycled sari with metal or wood. The producers of Shuktara use a combination of leather and tribal weavings to make footstools. 


Nokshi kanthas

‘Kantha’ is a type of embroidery popular in Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal. The women stack worn, soft saris on each other and stitch them together into a new quilt. 

Our new fabric blankets are made by indigenous artisans in the west of Bangladesh using intricate embroidery in a traditional design. Our recycled sari blankets are made using a straight running stitch by the producers at Sacred Mark. Each blanket is unique in colour and design,depending on the recycled saris available at the time.


Bangladesh has a rich tradition in basket weaving. We offer baskets for household use, clothes, toys, magazines, blankets or simply decoration. 

The baskets are 100% natural and the material is dyed with AZO free dye. The artisans can make any size and any colour, accoring to your wishes.


To brighten up your evenings, we offer you lanterns and lampshades of different materials and techniques. Paper is folded and woven into light lanterns; bamboo is woven with very old techniques that fishermen use to make their nets. They are very strong and spread light into beautiful patterns around your room.

The designers at the enterprises make the designs and prototypes with themes for the different seasons.

Garlands and decorations

Flowers and colourful ornaments bring blooming nature into your house, garden, shops or offices. They are made of silk, recycled sari, natural leaves or jute paper. The artisans use punch machines to repeat a shape.

The designers at the Production Units make the designs and prototypes, but we can easily adjust the colours and sizes to your wishes.

All the dying is done with AZO free paint. That means that they are environmentally friendly. In addition, two of our production units have effluent plants to treat the waste water.


Wall hangers

These hangers are made by artisans at Sacred Mark Enterprise. They print the design, word or illustration, make the iron frame and then wrap it with sari. You can contact Prokritee for your design wishes. 

Table linen

We offer a variety of different table linen: Bonoful makes table cloths, napkins and napkin holders, decorated by batik technique. Torulota, a production center in the south of Bangladesh, uses many different natural materials to make placemats. A neighbour production center, Biborton, can make long table runners with silk paper. These can be up to 180 centimiters long and decorated with your own screenprinted designs. 

Terracotta products

Through the ages, artisans in Bangladesh have created an infinite variety of terracotta toys and dolls, both painted and unpainted. The function of these ancient figures, wether human or animal is not fully understood. To an adult, it may be a ritualistic votive object used as an offering; to a child an enchanting toy to stimulate his vivid imagination.

Mrinmoy Pottery, a partner of Prokritee, has a great experience in making these type of items. They have adjusted their techiques so that the bowls can be used for our modern cooking. The dolls are used for decoration of houses, offices, etc.

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