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Shuktara Handmade


Shuktara Handmade Paper started in 1989 in the town of Feni. It is a large handmade paper project with many producers and products. It is also the first handmade paper project in Bangladesh.


Throughout the day, the women are busy making pulp, drying sheets of paper and making sure that the quality is perfect. Shuktara produces jute paper and creates paper products such as decorated cards, lampshades, photo albums, gift boxes, stationery sets and wrapping paper. Shuktara also applies some unique techniques to their paper, including marbling and embossing. Last year the producers of Shuktara started to produce some bags, purses, accessory items with tribal fabrics, leather, grass mats, and jute and cottton fabrics. This new section seems to be potential to ensure work for the artisans which is reducing due to the smaller sales of paper stationary products in the recent days.


Shuktara employs 32 regular producers and 15 seasonal producers.

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