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Bonoful Handmade Paper

Bonoful Handmade Paper is located in a village called Dharagram in Mymesingh district. This unit is surrounded by emerald green rice fields and palm trees. This was MCC’s third handmade paper project which was set up in 1995 based on the increasing demand for handmade paper in the international market.


Bonoful uses many types of natural and local materials to produce handmade paper. Hemp, wheat-straw, pineapple leaves, coconut fibres, recycled paper and cotton waste from the garment industry are some of the materials which are used to make unique and creative handmade paper and paper products. the women produce a wide range of photo albums, greeting cards, gift bags, journals, lampshades, and boxes.


Bonoful employs 50 regular producers and 22 seasonal producers. 

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