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Baghda Enterprise

Bagdha Enterprise is situated along a small, winding river in the village of Bagdha in Barisal District. Bagdha started in 1982 in order to create employment in such a remote area as there were almost no employment opportunities for the women.


From the beginning, the women of the unit made rope and twine out of jute and hemp. Raw fibre of jute and hemp were brought in the market and then the women produced twine and rope by delicately spinning the fibres. They have produced thousands of balls of hemp twine in many different colours and sizes.

Three years later, in 1985, a woodworking component was added in the unit. The women started carving small wooden toys that were sold all over the world. The women at Bagdha are also producing other products made from jute and hemp. The women knit handbags, shopping bags and purses with beads. 

For the last few years, Bagdha has been working with The Body Shop UK by producing hemp bath mitts. With a steady order for the mitts, the women feel secure in their earnings and are extremely happy that they have work consistently and can support their families. Prokritee is able maintain minimum wages for the artisans in this unit since 2013.


Bagdha employs 45 regular producers and 158 seasonal producers.

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