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Bags & Purses

Since October 2014 we have started supporting indigenous groups in the Chittagong Hill tracts, a Southeastern part of Bangladesh. There are many communities, and each has a unique traditional pattern. Unfortunately, their lifestyle and crafts are being threatened by social and economic changes.

By supporting these groups we hope to raise awareness of their situation. We buy the weavings, and our production unit Shuktara uses the fabric to make bags and purses, combined with leather. 

Garlands & Ornaments

Flowers and colorful ornaments bring blooming nature into your house, garden, shops or offices. They are made of silk, recycled sari, natural leaves, or jute paper. The artisans use punch machines to repeat a shape. The designers at the Production Units make the designs and prototypes, but we can easily adjust the colors and sizes to your wishes. All the dying is done with AZO-free paint. That means that they are environmentally friendly. In addition, two of our production units have effluent plants to treat the wastewater.


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Latest Catalog

Every year we release around three catalogs, featuring the future trends of fairtrade. These catalogs also showcase the various products created through sustainable product development and design.

Chairs & Stools

We are proud to present some furniture for your house and garden. For the stools and chairs, we combine several materials such as recycled sari with metal or wood. The producers of Shuktara use a combination of leather and tribal weavings to make footstools.