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Our company was endowed by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in 2001 to independently manage eight job creation projects with own management and organizational structure. These projects were located in different parts of the country by MCC during the period 1977-1999.

The projects are currently treated as the production units of Prokritee. Each unit is individually supervised by a unit manager with the help of a producer management committee.

Products developed by Prokritee designers and produced by the artisans are sold in Bangladesh and exported to many countries around the world.



Our values have roots in the work of the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), such as Compassion, Justice and

Non-violence. We believe in the dignity of every individual.

This includes listening to them, taking their views seriously, speaking to them as to a respected equal, and expecting them to participate in program planning, implementation and evaluation. Prokritee promotes participation, cooperation and teamwork.

The Company

Prokritee is a Not-for-Profit Company manufacturing and exporting handicrafts. We are committed to moral and social values, and we follow, and we follow the ideals of Fair Trade. At the same time, we plan to join the mainstream of the global handicraft business with renewed organisational strength and capacity building. Therefore, we have done a structural reorganisation of our procedures and practices. The revision and framing of this revised is in our manual. 


The organisational structure is flat and informal. The staff

can communicate informally and can quickly react to opportunities, set goals, plan and decide strategies.


Prokritee has three broad divisions and is completed with

the support of IT


10 Principles Of Fair Trade

Since autumn of 2015 Prokritee is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). This means a lot to us; our buyers can now easily recognize our values and standards, and we also are aware of our responsibilities towards the artisans and all the people and steps in the supply chain. 

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